About US

Wrap Up Happiness, Unbox Memories!

At lalagiftshop.com, we believe that the perfect gift is a testament to the beautiful bond you share with your loved ones. It’s not just an item but a symbol of love, care, celebration, and the joy of sharing happiness.


Our mission at lalagiftshop.com is to celebrate the joy of giving and receiving. We strive to offer an unparalleled selection of unique and thoughtful gifts that not only touch hearts but also epitomize the essence of every special occasion. Rooted in the belief that every gift carries a message, we are dedicated to making each offering memorable, fostering connections, and enriching lives. Our commitment is to simplify the gifting experience, making it effortless yet impactful, ensuring that every token of affection we deliver resonates with love, warmth, and the cherished sentiment behind it.


Once upon a time, our founders, Duong Le, stumbled upon a quaint little gift shop hidden in the alleyways of Da Lat. The shop, though small, was a treasure trove of stories, with each gift carrying a unique tale of love, hope, and joy. They realized that every gift they saw was more than just an object; it was a bridge between hearts, a silent communicator of feelings. Inspired and touched, they decided to embark on a journey to bring this beautiful intimacy of gifting to the world. That serendipitous encounter was the spark that ignited the creation of Lala Gift Shop.